We at EV HIRE can proudly call this a landmark day for us too as we started on our journey to adding a Porsche Taycan Turbo S for hire in London to our fleet. Taycan hire just became a reality.


5th Sep 2019

Porsche Taycan Turbo S Hire Rental Announcement

On Wednesday 4th September 2019 Porsche unveiled their first all electric sports car to the world. This is clearly a significant landmark for Porsche, but it also represents an important day for the automotive world as one of the world’s largest and most prominent performance car manufactures commits to an all electric model line. We at EV HIRE can proudly call this a landmark day for us too as we started on our journey to adding a Porsche Taycan Turbo S for hire in London to our fleet. Before we elaborate on why we decided to add Porsche’s first all electric sportscar to our self-drive hire fleet, let’s refresh our collective memories on some of the car’s main features.

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At this early stage in it’s life Taycan can be divided up into two categories: Turbo and Turbo S. This is strange considering Taycan doesn’t have a turbo, but we think Porsche applied this term as it represents their flagship model lines. Both version are powered by a 93.4kwh electric battery with independent permanent synchronous motors on each wheel. The battery runs along the floor of the car the ensure a very low centre of gravity, lower in fact than the new 992 911. Despite the shared battery output there is quite a significant difference in output between the models. The ‘Turbo’ variant produces 673bhp and 850nm of torque and the ‘Turbo S’ produces 754bhp and 1050nm of torque (these figures are with the car’s over-boost function). These output figures result in 0-62mph or 100kph times of 3.2s and 2.8s respectively with both cars achieving a top speed of 161mph.

Charging is already a huge talking point and main consideration for all owners of electric vehicles and Taycan doesn’t escape this. However, after speaking to our sales executive we were reassured that Porsche are planning to invest heavily into installing fast chargers at all Porsche Centres. This will mean you will have more options and less to worry about during your Evhire Taycan experience. In terms of charging the car both models share the same charge times, these being:

·         AC 11kw 0 – 100% = 9h

·         DC 50kw 5 – 80% = 93mins

·         DC 270kw 5 – 80% = 22.5 min.

The next major talking point is range. With the figures you’re about to read you do need to remember that all Porsche’s have a dynamic and performance mandate to uphold, which means range might take a hit in comparison to other electric vehicles. During the ‘combined’ cycle, which is a mix of different driving and road types, a full charge can return up to 279 miles in the Turbo and 256 miles in the Turbo S. We are confident that this range, tied with what we expect to be very impressive handling, build quality and charge times, will make Taycan a joy during your self-drive hire experience.

Porsche are known for being chassis masters so we can expect Taycan to be set up very well. It comes with lightweight aluminium double wishbones at the front with a lightweight multi-link setup at the rear and various stability management programmes. During your EV HIRE Taycan experience this will mean you can enjoy classic Porsche driving dynamics despite piloting an electric vehicle.

Just like with most electric and many rear-mid engined cars, Taycan has two main storage areas. This is facilitated due to the removal of the engine, freeing up space at the front and rear. As a result, Taycan offers 81l at the front and 366l at the rear. This should offer more than enough space for your weekend away in our Taycan.

The interior of Taycan is a very modern space, both in terms of its design and the amenities it offers. There are many available options, such as the potential to spec a large digital display for the passenger and 7 colour ambient lighting and larger seats offering extra adjustability.

This is going to be the first Porsche to join our fleet and the reasons for this are quite clear. Firstly, it’s an all-electric vehicle and considering our name and car’s we started with this is clearly an important sector for us. Secondly, it’s a high-performance car, offering a sub 3 second 0-62mph time in Turbo S spec. The combination of these two points mean Taycan will appropriately join our current high-performance electric offering. Thirdly, Taycan will undoubtedly come with very high build quality and refinement, an important consideration for providing the best customer experience possible.

Galaxy89cars joined us when we spec’d our Taycan so for a more thorough breakdown of the options we are considering, click here to watch his video! We can’t wait to collect and share our Taycan’s spec with you all sometime in the next coming months, which will also be on Galaxy89car’s channel. Until then feel free to contact us if you are interested in Porsche Taycan hire in London. Taycan Rental just became a reality!

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