Excess Policy

All our EV rentals include comprehensive insurance with a £3000 excess. We don’t take deposits or charge any administration fees for processing the excess transaction. 
All excess transactions are processed via pre-authorisation prior to booking.
We can recommend  third party insurance companies that offer excess waiver insurance cover. Please speak to a EV Hire representative to find out more. 
We do not get involved in excess waiver insurance so this is entirely your choice should you wish to take out this type of cover.

What is Pre- Authorisation?:
This is a short-term hold of a pre-agreed amount against the available balance on your credit card. Please note - this is not an actual charged amount and no payments are charged.
Your credit card provider may present a pre-authorisation transaction as “pending”.

What are the implications of this?
We will put a temporary pre-authorisation hold of £3000 against the available balance on your payment card. If the booking is less than 24hrs away, this temporary hold will always be placed at the time of booking in person.
When you complete your rental and return the vehicle undamaged, the pre-authorisation funds will be released by your card issuer. 
Depending on your credit card provider, it can sometimes take up to 14 working days before this is reflected back into your credit card’s available balance. This is out of our control.
Please note – even though a pre-authorisation transaction is not a physical charge, it will briefly reduce the available balance on your credit card.

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