8th Sep 2019

At EV HIRE we love performance SUVs! They offer comfort, everyday usability, luxury, road presence, enhanced safety and impressive performance. An undeniably potent combination of characteristics that has lead to a very healthy international market for them.

As we are always trying to provide the ultimate experience for our customers, we feel performance SUVs are a great direction to branch into, just re-read the list of attributes above to see why.

To this end and in our quest to become one of, if not the top car hire company in the UK, we already have a 2019 G63 for hire in London, Tesla Model X P100DL, our recently announced brand new 69 plate Tesla Model X Raven Performance for hire in London and our stunning 2019 Lamborghini Urus for hire in London also. Despite only being 4 vehicles these cars represent the current spectrum of high performance SUVs on the market, all of which you can experience yourself at the touch of a button.

The G63 AMG hire combines luxury and technology with grunt and presence, the Tesla Model X hire is a technological wonder and is the world’s fastest accelerating SUV and the Urus Hire, being the world’s first SSUV, brings the most dynamic level of handling. May we repeat, all of these are available to self drive hire with us through the click of a button.

In a recent blog we mentioned that we had 3 announcements to make. The first was the addition of the new Porsche Taycan Turbo S hire that we recently announced (coming to the EV HIRE fleet) and the second was the announcement of our second Performance Tesla Model X for hire. This is our third blog in this recent chain and as you’ve seen from the title it’s another announcement.

Thanks to the fantastic response to our 2019 G63 AMG we have decided to add another to the fleet. It won’t be for a few more weeks (October 2019 to be exact) but we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind of you how epic these cars really are!

The G class Mercedes has been around since 1979 and in that time it has evolved significantly. It was once simply one of the most capable off-road cars around, but now it’s so much more. The latest edition maintains that off-road capability and even has locking differentials, but now builds on it’s predecessor with incredible power and refined luxury. However, it now also comes with genuine driving dynamics and even more technology. First of it’s powered by a front mounted, 4L, twin turbo V8 that produces 585bhp and a whopping 850nm of torque. This is linked to a new and much smoother 9G fully automatic transmission (although you can manually shift down for pops, bangs and crackles). Despite weighing over 2.5 metric tonnes, the 2019 G63’s powertrain can launch it to 62mph or 100kph in just 4.5s and a top speed of 136mph. Thanks to new braces that join and link to the front suspension the 2019 G63 AMG has doubled it’s torsional rigidity, meaning it has double the body control of the previous car. The real world benefit of this for your personal 2019 G63 experience with Evhire is the ability to play with the car’s enhanced performance in a more safe and predictable way.

Inside we find electrically adjustable S-Class leather upholstered seats with padded headrests and warming and ventilation capabilities. Opposite these there’s a new AMG wheel and two 12.3 inch screens that display Mercedes’ new operating system and user interface. You get a full AM, FM and DAB digital radio, very responsive and user friendly satnav, reversing camera with front and rear parking sensors and a 64 colour ambient lighting system that you can tailor to your exact specification. Moving to the rear and you find seating for up to 3 further people; leather upholstered as in the front and very comfortable and supportive. We were lucky enough to be the first hire company in the UK to offer a 2019 G63 AMG hire in London, but a drawback of this is that at that time Mercedes weren’t offering rear-entertainment packages. However, as we really value our clients’ experience, we have made sure the ‘rear entrainment’ option is ticked in our new G63 AMG. This is comprised of two 10 inch touchscreens with the ability to play media from USB, SD, HDMI and the car’s TV tuner. So, while the driver is doing all the work up front (but still enjoying it greatly) friend’s, family or business associates can be in the rear catching up with their favourite tv series, latest movie releases or playing a game from their laptop or device. There’s also a huge amount of storage in back (667L as standard, but up to 1941L with the rear seats down) which is more than enough for a long weekend away.

We can’t wait for our new 2019 G63 AMG for hire in London to arrive! Who else is as excited?





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Had a fantastic birthday weekend with the Model X. Service and staff are as amazing as the vehicle itself. The performance is nothing short of stunning - there's nothing quite like being behind the wheel of one of these space aged marvels!

Alex Smith, Hat Films

I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of it and it has become an extension of my life!

Paul Wallace, Supercars of London

From start to finish, the Tesla rental experience was effortless. The EV Hire guys delivered the ludicrously fast Model X P100D to my doorstep. Wonderful service! After my trip, EV hire were ready and waiting to collect the vehicle. Easy and efficient!

Tim Burton, Shmee150

The car is absolutely incredible and I was sad to hand the keys back!! I have always been a little weary of vehicle hire in the past but EV Hire have completely changed my perspective.I wouldn't hesitate to hire from these guys again.
First class. I will back.

James Daly, JD Personal Training

The best Christmas present my husband has ever had. Great service and Daryl is exceptionally good at his job. Thank you, see you next year!

Ruth Moyler

My wife and I hired a Tesla Model S P100DL+ (unbelievable car) for the weekend from EV Hire. The service was first class. The car was delivered clean and fully charged to our house and collected once we had finished. All questions were promptly answered both before and during the rental process. We also found the rates very reasonable for what is a truly phenomenal driving experience. I cannot highly recommend them enough!

Mr & Mrs Tabbah

Really great experience in the model S. We drove from Hampshire to Pembrokeshire and back for a work team building experience on the coast. Used every feature of the car plus the supercharger network.
I'd like make a particular mention of Daryl who provided an excellent service. He's a very trustworthy guy.
Unreservedly recommend this company.

James Simms

Incredible car and overall a lovely weekend with a Tesla Model X P100DL+. Communication was great all the way through and will have to give the Tesla Model S P100DL+ a go at some point! Delivery and collection was effortless. Would recommend.

Mr Khalid El-Qasabagli

Very easy & trouble free rental process. Wonderful customer service. A great experience. Already recommended them EV Hire a few people

Zoe Nolan

Don't doubt this company - the cars are new and in perfect condition. Tesla P100DL+'s are a huge amount of fun and Daryl runs this company properly.
To top it off, EV HIRE dropped the car off at my house and also collected it on the day of pickup included in the price. Can't fault them!

Anthony Herbert

First class experience and a wonderful car (Hired a Model X P100DL+). Pre-hire every question I had was answered quickly and the EV Hire team really couldn't do more to make sure I got the most out of the experience. Car was immaculate and just the most incredible drive - thank you so much for a weekend that will stay with me for a long time - your passion for Tesla's is infectious!

Jon Barrett

I have to say my eyes have been well and truly opened. The Model S P100DL+ we hired was top of the line and I have NEVER been in a car that accelerated so fast. Sublime. Brilliant customer service. Heartily recommend EVHire.

Richard Dawes

Had a Tesla Model X P100D for a day out in Oxfordshire. What a great car, wonderful service and amazing experience overall.
Thanks to the entire EV Hire team!

Roman Kartyushov

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