26th Oct 2018

Welcome back to another instalment of ‘EV Hire’s STIG’s First Drive’......

I hope that you’ve been enjoying our recent news here at EV Hire, the fastest growing prestige hire service in the UK. Today, we bring you something spectacular! A car that has been teased for months, maybe even years. Rolls Royce have created an SUV! And seeing as we have recently added some exciting additions to our 4x4 Hire Division, namely the 2019 new shape Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Hire, and we’re waiting on final delivery confirmation on our 2019 Lamborghini Urus Hire, I feel it’s only right that we go and check out what the Rolls Royce of SUV’s really feels like. At EV Hire, we’re all big fans of the Rolls Royce brand, and why wouldn’t be! They make some of the greatest luxury cars in the world, and we’re proud to have numerous models and examples on our prestige car hire fleet. So let’s get into what it drives like! 

The Rolls Royce Cullinan has a fairly disruptive personality. From the outside, it commands respect, displays power and shows off it’s Rolls Royce DNA through the extended, enlarged and damn right enormous front grill. The height is that if an American pick up truck and it certainly looks capable of transporting anyone to the most hostile of locations across the world. However, when you step inside, the interior is exquisite. It’s beautiful, luxurious and combines all the finest materials you would expect to find in a £250,000 SUV. Rolls Royce wanted to disconnect the luxury inside the car, from the outside. Allowing the driver/ passengers to experience the true Rolls Royce experience both on and off road without compromise. And they’ve achieved that. As expected. You don’t even need to drive anywhere without taking in the smells, the visuals and the lack of noise. With 100kg of sound deadening, mainly disguised in the doors and windows, it’s complete silence provides a sense of wealth that does not feature in any other manufacturer. Let’s turn on the 6 litre twin turbo V12 and get going. Which, i’d like to add, you can’t hear either. 

On the move, the car rides like the famous ‘Magic Carpet’. It’s smooth, effortless and impressive. All thanks to it’s clever stabilisation technology. With a double wishbone up front, and a 5 link rear axle at the rear, combine that with 3 stabilisation bars, you’ve got yourself a very clever set up. 100% of the torque comes in before 2,000rpm which sheds weight as you’d expect. This whole experience is more than just impressive. It’s everything I could have dreamed of from a Rolls Royce SUV. Fantastic Audio acoustics from the custom built and engineered sound system, Rolls Royce chased the desire to feel like you’re in a recording studio when listen to music. All of these little touches emphasis the Rolls Royce experience. The Cullinan really does drive like a Rolls Royce, and I am so happy about it. However, can it really be taken off-road and still perform. Well, Yes. It can. 

I had two experiences with the Cullinan off road. One with me behind the wheel, which is the most important. And one with a professional racing driver behind the wheel. But being the EV Stig, I technically am more qualified as a driver....(kind of). But off road it’s as impressive as you can imagine. Rolls Royce would never come to the SUV market without a car they felt was truly perfect for all terrains. And the best bit about the whole experience, is it’s the most simplest car to use off road too. Rather than navigating millions of settings to get the car just right for scaling a mountain, Rolls Royce have produced an ‘Off-Road’ button, or as Rolls Royce like to say ‘an effortless, everywhere button’. This button transforms the car to conquer over 80% of terrain around the world. And with the Cullinan’s satellite technology, the car knows exactly where it is, all the time and can adjust it’s gearbox, suspension and drivetrain to allow for wherever you decide to go. Pretty impressive stuff! With the pro racer behind the wheel, I got a better feel for the car set completely free. And by that, I mean traction off. It genuinely felt like it could compete, and compete highly in a rally stage. All still whilst maintaining the magic carpet ride, albeit with a bit of turbulence. 

So there we have it, Rolls Royce introduce their first ever SUV to the world, and it’s bloody brilliant. I would usually try and sum up my drive in this section but I really don’t need to. I’ll sign out by saying ‘believe the hype’. It’s really. The Cullinan really is that good. But you’d expect that from Rolls Royce right? 

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