26th Oct 2018

It’s officially SUV season! The sun slowly fades, the clouds flock in and it’s time to dust off our umbrella’s after let’s be honest, a pretty fantastic summer of sun, warm temperatures and optimal driving conditions. With our EV Hire Lamborghini Urus on it’s way, new additions in the forms of Rolls Royce Wraith, and our brand new 2019 Mercedes G63 AMG Hire, it’s time we celebrate these wonderful utility vehicles, and share them with you, the EV Community! And today, I had the pleasure of driving our new shape Mercedes Benz G63 AMG. Our most popular car to hire to date! 

Let’s start with the previous generation G63 AMG, looking at a 2016 model, just for context. A car that lacked stability around corners, safety mid corner and any sense of steering feel at high speed. Combine that with it’s aerodynamics and dated interior, and you had one of the most ridiculous cars money can buy. And you needed a lot of money to buy it. However, it was a statement vehicle. It didn’t matter how it drive (to most people). Owners wanted it because of how it made them feel. Which is why the G63 AMG is still such a popular prestige luxury car to hire. However, Mercedes Benz had a tough challenge on their hands when developing the new car. How do you modernise a car, that is so famous for being old? What boxes need to be ticked, what areas need to be modernised, what areas need to be kept the same. A lot of questions hung in the balance at Mercedes Benz HQ, and I am pleased to report, that MB absolutely answered every question correctly. 

Welcome to our ‘all black’ 2019 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG. Whilst we’ve already welcomed it into our fleet, and enjoyed many a customer story and experience from it’s initial bookings, the G63 AMG sits proudly on our fleet as one of the coolest looking cars available to buy today. The slight redesign on the exterior is sleek, classy whilst maintaining the proportions made so famous by the early G class vehicles. It still has a military feel to it, and commands the upmost respect on and off the road. Park it next to any SUV and it will dwarf it (unless you park it next to a Hummer). The 2019 G63 AMG truly is a beast. A V8 rumbling, body shaking beast. However. Inside, it’s a different, and very new story. 

One thing Mercedes wanted to achieve, was a modern, technologically advanced interior. You sit in the drivers side, passenger side or even in the rear, and you could easily mistake it for a highly specced E-Class or S-Class. The stretched screens across the dash sweep across the centre console and effortlessly merge with the digital display for the driver. The steering wheel feels expensive, full of luxury with every necessary button giving the driver complete control. At night time, the ambient lighting comes to life, giving off a relaxed, chilled vibe that marks the level of luxury our new G63 AMG offers. Turn the Burmester surround sound system up, open the sunroof and enjoy the qualities our G63 AMG has to offer. But, one of the greatest improvements comes in the steering...

Mercedes Benz, and especially their AMG products have recently had criticism for the weight and feel given through the steering. Some say it’s too light, whilst others say it lacks confidence through corners. The G63 AMG offers a perfect balance. You still feel slightly disconnected to the front wheels, which in my eyes adds a bit of character to the vehicle and maintains the G-Class’s heritage but my god has it been improved. It feels like a 2019 car, but doesn’t completely feel numbed down like a lot of what we see on the roads today. When you combine the new and improved interior quality with the driving dynamics, you really feel the car coming alive. And if you look at the car, and question it’s straight line performance. Think again, for the size and shape, this car shifts way faster than you’d expect and is an absolute pleasure in terms of power deliver and torque curve. Accessible power, V8 soundtrack and all available safely at any given revs. Honestly, our G63 AMG surprised me like you wouldn’t believe. 

But the best bit? Mercedes Benz have still managed to capture the character of the G Wagon. From the windscreen angle, to the sound of the door slamming, to the glovebox passenger handle bar. Everything about the 2019 G63 AMG is perfect. It’s refined, it’s modern yet characterful. I love this thing. The car makes you feel like a hero driving it. You feel a sense of importance, and you definitely feel cool driving it. I urge everyone to experience the new G63 AMG. The old one holds a special place in my heart, but having driven the new one now. I’d never look back at what was, the G63. It’s time to move on, look into the future and enjoy EV Hire’s newest addition to our flight. The 2019 Night Pack Mercedes Benz G63 AMG!  

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