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The minimum age limit stipulated is required for instant online booking. Should you not quite meet the minimum age requirement, please contact us, we may be able to make exceptions on a case by case basis (subject to our Insurers approval).

Cost Per Mile


This vehicle includes a 150 mile daily allowance. This means you can drive 150 miles every 24hrs with no additional cost. Should you exceed this allowance, you will be charged the below fee per mile.



This is a temporary hold on a specified amount against the available funds on your payment card. Please note - this is not an actual charged amount and no funds are taken. We do not offer any excess waiver insurance..



You can add up to 3 additional drivers at the below fee per driver per day. Please select how many additional drivers you require during checkout before making payment.


Instantly recognisable, elegantly timeless

It’s been eight years since Tesla Motors launched the Model S. Since then, there’s been some minor editing on the styling of this revolutionary electric vehicle. It’s reputation precedes it and motoring journalists have almost unanimously agreed that a drive to feel the exhilaration of the acceleration in a Tesla should be on every driver’s bucket list. At 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, you can feel as much as one G of force pushing you into the pristine seats

But its looks aren’t really what makes the Tesla Model S P100D so special.

Unbeaten Range

Other manufacturers have tried, but none have come close enough to offering the same kind of range as the 100kWh battery of the Tesla Model S P100D. If you’re heading further afield, the Model S makes a great choice, with its 315 miles of range, and recharging couldn’t be easier either. Tesla’s network of proprietary chargers spans the length and breadth of the UK, and the navigation is set to default via the superchargers, as it calculates the energy needed on your journey. It takes some real neglect to run out of juice with this one. 

Spaceship-level Tech

In the Tesla Model S P100D, you’ll find a cabin unlike any other vehicle on the market today. The 17” tablet display forced established car manufacturers to reinvent their infotainment systems and climate control interfaces from the ground up. And with this one, the car can be new every time you step into it, given the over-the-air software updates Tesla deploys—developed from customer feedback.

The screen controls almost everything and has some incredibly cool settings, such as ‘Camp’ mode, where the aircon will continue to run without the whole system being on, while—it is expected—occupants camp out in the boot. We’re not kidding. A customer-inspired integration, the rear seats plus boot space turn this piece of kit turns into the most compact motorhome for a weekend. There’s ‘Dog’ mode to keep pooches suitably comfortable in hot weather too.

Needs to be driven to be wholly understood. 




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* This rate is inclusive of insurance, VAT and 24 hour breakdown assistance for the duration of your hire. For all bookings we require a minimum of 2 days hire.

Comprehensive Insurance

All our fleet rentals come with comprehensive cover. You are in safe hands.

Unlimited Mileage

For certain vehicles on our fleet, clock as many miles as you wish. Long road trip planned? No problem.

Home Delivery Service

Fully trained delivery experts can come to you wherever you are.

Performance Only

We don’t offer standard vehicles here. Performance or not at all.

A very easy going and flexible experience from beginning to end. A huge thanks to Daryl who had made it feel seamless. I had taken out the G63 AMG which was a 10/10 drive! Will definitely be using EV Hire again!


The BEST in the business - went above & beyond for me & hired the car of my dreams. Daryl & his whole team are a joy, don’t hesitate!Looking forward to the next time!

Jonny Barrett

I had an amazing experience with EV Hire this week. This is the most professional car-hire company I have dealt with to-date. The car was in immaculate condition. Highly recommended over other rental companies I have dealt with in the past, as my rental with EV Hire was perfect. Special thanks to Daryl for providing me an easy and hassle-free experience. Communication was superb. To me, this the…

Matthew Benson

Great Company, Amazing service levels, highly recommend them for anyone interested in a quality EV

Glan Davies

We had an amazing experience with tesla model x. Daryl answered all my questions very quickly and made everything really easy, hassle-free and comfortable for us. It was worth every penny! The customer service and the experience are superb! thank you so much!! We highly recommend.

Julienne Espineli

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