Tesla Hire | The Ultimate First Impression?

11th Aug 2017

The ultimate first impression? Hire a Tesla for maximum impact.

At EV Hire, we run a bespoke business account service designed with the needs of our business customers at its forefront. A Tesla P100D makes a statement. The EVs that we possess in our fleet represent the zenith of the Tesla model line, in this case the P100D models. Our EVs encompass all the virtues a forward thinking business needs to demonstrate to their clients by providing:

• A quality EV that is luxurious and demonstrably cutting edge

• An EV which runs near silent, providing a neutral atmosphere for driver and passengers alike

• A vehicle that possesses outstanding comfort and a comprehensive interactive media suite

Unparalleled comfort and sophistication 

As we all know, the hardest part of any business negotiation or personal interaction with a prospective client is that everyone feels comfortable. Even more so, they need to feel comfortable from the very outset. By hiring one of our Tesla’s, you can certainly provide this for them. The Tesla Model S and X P100Ds that we offer ride and handle extremely smoothly. Affording your client the height of sophistication will send all the right signals about you as a business, and how you position yourself. 

A persuasive icebreaker

Key to your interactions with the client, the vehicle will more than likely become a talking point in its own right. You could send a limousine, but limousines have practically become standard over time. Despite the huge publicity attached to Tesla, they are still rarefied vehicles. Many people have never seen a Tesla, let alone sat in one. Our Tesla EVs will make an instant impression, allowing you to let the Tesla quickly settle the client into their new surroundings. 

First impressions on a visual level

A recent Harvard study showed that in terms of making a first impression, 55% of that first impression centres around visual stimuli. This occurs within seven seconds of making eye contact with the client. The moment your Tesla rolls into the airport or train station to receive your client, it enhances the nature of this first impression. With the Tesla as the backdrop, as you exit the car to greet the client, the Tesla will only enhance the initial client contact.

Our business account holders can be subject to a discount when hiring a Tesla from us. When you make an inquiry, we would be happy to discuss potential discounts on a case-by-case basis.

As with any business decision, there is another side to hiring a Tesla. Driving your business forward often involves motivating your employees. What better way than to offer them a Tesla EV?

Employee engagement in an original fashion

In the past few years employee engagement has become a buzz term that has permeated throughout the business world. In fact, 94% of the most respected and successful businesses worldwide have cited effective employee engagement as their priority.

Employee engagement can obviously come in many forms, though bonuses and rewards that really strike a chord with employees motivate them, increasing productivity and company loyalty. Offering your employees the prospect of driving a top of the line Tesla for a weekend or longer is certainly a notion that would raise eyebrows in all the right ways. Once word gets round the office, you can be sure that your employees will be vying for a chance to drive a Tesla.

Cost and convenience benefits

The benefits for you as a business are numerous. You could hire a Tesla for a week, using the Tesla for client transport during business hours. If the employee who is responsible for this client does a great job and closes the deal, you can then pass them the key fob to the Model S P100D and let them have the car gratis for the weekend. It is one thing to incentivise your workforce with free coffee and treats. It is a completely new realm if you gift them a £155,000 Tesla for a weekend.

As all of our EVs use the Tesla Supercharging network, the employee will not have to pay any petrol costs. We can also deliver and pick up the Tesla from any location within 100 miles of our head office in Croydon. We can simply pick the car up from your office on the Monday morning once the employee has returned it. Our bespoke booking system is fully automated, though you can always call if you need to extend your hire terms.

Make a statement with your business and hire a Tesla here.

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