7th Feb 2020

We have some important and exciting news about Tesla’s latest edition,  the Tesla Model 3 Hire , but before we divulge, let’s remind ourselves of it’s key facts and figures.

The Tesla Model 3 is an important car for Tesla and is an expression of the long awaited 3rd chapter of Elon’s ‘Master Plan’ - using money from previous car sales to create an affordable high volume car. This serves at least two main purposes. Firstly it will enable more people access into the growing electric vehicle market, not only by providing them with an affordable option, but also because this option comes with the best infrastructure currently in place and is therefore possibly the most usable in the real-world. Secondly, it should provide Tesla with a much needed cash injection from higher volume sales (currently standing at over 79,600 just for Q3 2019).

As with most car brands, Tesla currently offers multiple versions of each of it’s 4-wheeled products and this is no different for Model 3. Change is common place at the American manufacturer, so this may change, but currently there are 3 version of model 3 available, in ascending order: Standard Range Plus, Long Range and Performance. The first comes with a single motor that provides rear-wheel drive only and the remaining two (long range and performance) come with Tesla’s dual-motor all-wheel drive system, where we find a motor on each axle. Tesla’s are known for their performance, so what headline figures does Model 3 offer? Standard range can accelerate to 60mph in 5.3s and go on to a top speed of 140mph, Long range offers a 4.4s 0-60mph time and a top speed of 145mph and the top of the range Performance can sprint from 0-60mph in just 3.2s and max out at 162mph (that’s the same 0-60mph time as a Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2!)

The two remaining core stats for any electric vehicle are range and charging time. Starting with the Standard Range Plus, it has an estimated max range of 254 miles. Performance comes next as it sacrifices range for raw performance with a max estimated range of 329 miles. Unsurprisingly, that means the Long-Range version offers the longest estimated range of 348 miles. All Tesla’s come with supercharger locations pre-installed into their satnav. This means they can also automatically plan necessary charging stops into journeys, so planning trips couldn’t be easier. But when you eventually reach a tesla Supercharger after 300+ miles of comfort and convenience, how long will it take to charge? The car in the middle of the range – Model 3 Long range – can charge from 10% - 80% in just 30mins at a Tesla Supercharger, with the Standard Range taking even less thanks to it’s smaller battery pack.

When the Model 3 first came out we thought it was a great proposition from Tesla, that could simultaneously increase access into the growing EV market while also being a main source of financial sustenance for the manufacturer, as already mentioned. However, we were unsure if it was right for the high-end EVHIRE fleet, as only the pinnacle of each brand gets to be offered for self-drive hire by us. As we are a reactive company, attentively listening to the thoughts and feelings of our customers, we couldn’t miss the overwhelming demand for Model 3 Performance Hire in London. So, as you may have already guessed, we’ve added a Tesla Model 3 Performance rental to our fleet! Let’s be honest, our love for Tesla has resulted in 3 different Tesla’s joining our fleet already, so it wasn’t too difficult to persuade us to add another.

We can can’t wait for the collection in a few months, but we’ll wait to reveal the spec on the day of collection, just to heighten the already palpable anticipation further. Until then and based on what you’ve read above, which specification of Model 3 Hire do you think is joining us? We are keeping the colour choice a surprise...

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A very easy going and flexible experience from beginning to end. A huge thanks to Daryl who had made it feel seamless. I had taken out the G63 AMG which was a 10/10 drive! Will definitely be using EV Hire again!


The BEST in the business - went above & beyond for me & hired the car of my dreams. Daryl & his whole team are a joy, don’t hesitate!Looking forward to the next time!

Jonny Barrett

I had an amazing experience with EV Hire this week. This is the most professional car-hire company I have dealt with to-date. The car was in immaculate condition. Highly recommended over other rental companies I have dealt with in the past, as my rental with EV Hire was perfect. Special thanks to Daryl for providing me an easy and hassle-free experience. Communication was superb. To me, this the…

Matthew Benson

Great Company, Amazing service levels, highly recommend them for anyone interested in a quality EV

Glan Davies

We had an amazing experience with tesla model x. Daryl answered all my questions very quickly and made everything really easy, hassle-free and comfortable for us. It was worth every penny! The customer service and the experience are superb! thank you so much!! We highly recommend.

Julienne Espineli

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