22nd Nov 2019

As if torn from a cyberpunk fiction, Tesla’s latest addition, Cybertruck, brings a bold, angular exterior aesthetic, impressive performance figures and class leading pick-up truck attributes. Cybertruck’s launch didn’t go exactly to plan, but nevertheless we are still fascinated by this angular gargantuan that defies all of Tesla’s previously smooth and curvaceous design language rules. Not just because we want to gauge if having a Tesla Cybertruck for hire in London is a viable option, but also because this is such a unique offering. I think it’s about time we explored this rule-breaker in a little more depth.

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Cybertruck currently comes in three specification options: Single motor RWD, Dual motor AWD and Tri motor AWD, but what are the differences between these modes? So far no power output figures have been revealed, but anticipated top speed and 0-60mph times have been shared. Cybertruck’s top speed times vary depending on which model has been selected. Single motor has an estimated top speed of 110mph, Dual motor’s is 120mph and Tri motor’s estimated top speed is 130mph. Now turning to 0-60mph times, Tesla are aiming for the Single motor to sprint from 0-60mph in <6.5s, the Dual motor in <4.5s and the range-topping Tri motor AWD in <2.9s. The final time is probably rather unsurprising consider the impressive launch ability of Tesla’s other flagship models. So the Cybertruck is fast, but range is more of a ‘real-world’ consideration, so how far will these different versions be able to travel between recharges? In the same order, Tesla have estimated 250+ miles, 300+ miles and 500 miles. The estimated range for the Tri motor AWD is very impressive and it will be interesting to see how this translates in the eventual production cars. All Cybertrucks will of course have full access to the global Tesla Supercharger network, which should mean even the single motors range of 250 miles is usable. The only other difference between specs that is currently displayed is towing capacity. The Single motor has an estimated capacity of 7500+lbs, the Dual motor’s estimated capacity is 10,000+lbs and the Tri motor is 14,000+lbs.

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Cybertruck, despite its Bladerunner-esque aesthetic is, after all, a pick-up truck and the defining feature of any pickup is its rear storage space. In Cybertruck this is called the ‘vault’ and is the same length (6.5ft), volume (100ft3) and has the same payload capacity (3500lbs) in each variant. A second defining feature is the ability to traverse rugged environments. Tesla have promised class-leading off-road performance and have quoted a ground clearance of 16inches, although this can be raised and lowered as Cybertruck comes with adaptive air suspension.

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Departing from tradition in typical Tesla fashion, Cybertruck dispenses with the usual pick-up body and bed on frame chassis design and have designed an innovative exoskeleton. This exoskeleton, somewhat like a monocoque, provides the frame, structure and rigidity to the vehicle, similar to the stressed skin concept found in aircraft. It’s made out of thick, ultra-hard 30X rolled stainless steel, that’s actually shared with SpaceX’ Starship. Cybertruck’s exoskeleton is quoted as being ‘nearly impenetrable’ and in the livestream demonstration it can apparently withstand heavy hits with a sledgehammer (unlike the door from it’s poor combustion engined companion). This is impressive and very reassuring for the driver and occupants, but it also raises two questions: 1. What will happen to other cars that it impacts? 2. What will happen to pedestrians that are impacted? We will have to wait to find those answers. Continuing with the theme of impenetrability, Cybertruck is also fitted with Tesla Armour Glass that can stop a 9mm round. In their livestream demonstration the durability test of this glass didn’t exactly go to plan. In the first test the metal ball cracked the standard glass, but bounced cleanly off Tesla’s armour glass from increasing heights, but when it came to the actual car the glass cracked. However, we’re positive this can be solved by the time the car goes into production in a couple of years. Before we move onto the car’s interior, I just want to touch on a third question this level of  ‘impenetrability’ creates. As the car comes with armour level glass, will average, non athletic people easily be able to smash it quickly if they need to get out rapidly, such as in the event of a fire or if the car fell into deep water? Once again we will have to wait for confirmation on this as the car presented was basically a pre-production or beta test.

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Just as with the Model 3, Cybertruck has a very stripped back interior with only a 17inch touchscreen that will surely come with all the quirky features Tesla Customer’s and our clients are used to. Seating is for 6, split in 2 rows with a foldable front centre seat. The leather upholstered front seats look sculpted, but still quite reserved as is the leather upholstered rear bench. Autopilot comes as standard on all versions which means you might be able to arrange for your Cybertruck to collect the luggage for your weekend break for you...with a little assistance, perhaps. As always we are amazed by the ever evolving and innovative world of Tesla, but are you? We are excited to announce that the deposit has been paid and EVHIRE are adding the Tesla Cybertruck hire to our self drive hire fleet in 2021.

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