20th Nov 2019

Mustang. That’s an evocative name in the automotive world that conjures up images of Steve McQueen hurtling through the streets of San Francisco or the lawless, but revered rebel kicking up dust as he makes his way through the desert. One doesn’t automatically associate it with electrification, not to mention an SUV, but this is 2019 after all and that’s exactly what we’ve got.

The Mustang Mach-E is a supposed competitor to Tesla’s Model Y and it has some quite interesting specs. As you may or may not know we’re advocates for electrification, despite our deep love for the internal combustion engine. The EVHIRE fleet has two Tesla Model X P100DL’s and is awaiting the arrival of a Porsche Taycan Turbo S for hire in London. When a manufacturer as large as Ford enters the electrification race it’s unsurprisingly going to catch our attention and as this could be a very compelling competitor to Tesla, we think it’s worth exploring this latest car to hold the Mustang name. I warn you, this is a very data heavy blog as we really want to investigate whether or not it makes a strong enough case to be called Tesla’s competition.mach.e.jpg

There are currently 3 versions of Mach E: Mach E, First Edition and AWD. Each of these can come in both standard and extended range power output versions. The standard range of Mach-E is powered a 75.7kwh battery system and the extended range is powered by a 98.8kwh battery system. Just as in any other electric car these batteries supply power to electric motors that produce the car’s drive. In the base Mach-E there are motors found only at the rear, whereas the other two variants are both dual motor AWD, so have motors on each axle. These different range versions of course produce different power outputs. Firstly, the base model produce 251bhp and 278bhp in standard and extended, respectively. Secondly, the AWD produces 251bhp and 330bhp and lastly, the first edition produces only 330bhp. Torque figures stand at 415nm for the base car and 565nm for both the AWD and First Edition.

The differences in power output affect range more than acceleration, as Ford currently quote their 0-60 mph time as <8s for the base car and <7s for the AWD and First Edition, regardless of the range selected. The base Mach-E has a standard range of 280 miles and an extended range of 370miles. The AWD variant has a standard range of 260 miles and an extended range of 335 miles. The ‘first edition’ variant only comes in extended range format and matches the AWD’s range of 335miles.

One of the biggest concerns that all electric cars create is ‘range anxiety’ that is, the uncertainty of how much usable range remains, where suitable charging points are and how long it will take to charge. Ford have quoted that in just 10 minutes, at max DC charge rate (which is 115kw for the standard and 150kw for the extended range) the standard range base and AWD can gain 52 and 49miles respectively. In extended range format, the base car can gain 57 miles and the other 2 versions will gain 52 miles of range. The total charge time, which is defined by Ford as between 10-80%, is 38 mins for the standard range cars and 45 mins for the extended range cars.

In addition to these seemingly usable range and charge times, Mach-E looks like a well-equipped car. Depending on the model it can come with either 18 or 19 inch rims, a panoramic roof, adaptive led headlights, B&O 10 speaker audio system, wireless device charging and a 360 view parking system. Each car can seat 5 people and as there’s no engine there’s storage in the front and rear. The capacity of these spaces is the same in each model, which means there’s 100l in the front boot and 402l in the rear (with the seats up), but this is increased to 1420l when the rear seats are laid flat.

So, is this a true competitor to Tesla? It may steal a market share as these are significantly cheaper than the car’s they are being put up against, but whether they’re better cars will have to best tested on the road. What is more important, perhaps is whether or not these cars truly deserve to hold the iconic Mustang name. That too will be decided on the road. Until then, let us know if you would like to see EVHIRE add a Mustang Mach-E Hire in London.




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Had a fantastic birthday weekend with the Model X. Service and staff are as amazing as the vehicle itself. The performance is nothing short of stunning - there's nothing quite like being behind the wheel of one of these space aged marvels!

Alex Smith, Hat Films

I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of it and it has become an extension of my life!

Paul Wallace, Supercars of London

From start to finish, the Tesla rental experience was effortless. The EV Hire guys delivered the ludicrously fast Model X P100D to my doorstep. Wonderful service! After my trip, EV hire were ready and waiting to collect the vehicle. Easy and efficient!

Tim Burton, Shmee150

The car is absolutely incredible and I was sad to hand the keys back!! I have always been a little weary of vehicle hire in the past but EV Hire have completely changed my perspective.I wouldn't hesitate to hire from these guys again.
First class. I will back.

James Daly, JD Personal Training

The best Christmas present my husband has ever had. Great service and Daryl is exceptionally good at his job. Thank you, see you next year!

Ruth Moyler

My wife and I hired a Tesla Model S P100DL+ (unbelievable car) for the weekend from EV Hire. The service was first class. The car was delivered clean and fully charged to our house and collected once we had finished. All questions were promptly answered both before and during the rental process. We also found the rates very reasonable for what is a truly phenomenal driving experience. I cannot highly recommend them enough!

Mr & Mrs Tabbah

Really great experience in the model S. We drove from Hampshire to Pembrokeshire and back for a work team building experience on the coast. Used every feature of the car plus the supercharger network.
I'd like make a particular mention of Daryl who provided an excellent service. He's a very trustworthy guy.
Unreservedly recommend this company.

James Simms

Incredible car and overall a lovely weekend with a Tesla Model X P100DL+. Communication was great all the way through and will have to give the Tesla Model S P100DL+ a go at some point! Delivery and collection was effortless. Would recommend.

Mr Khalid El-Qasabagli

Very easy & trouble free rental process. Wonderful customer service. A great experience. Already recommended them EV Hire a few people

Zoe Nolan

Don't doubt this company - the cars are new and in perfect condition. Tesla P100DL+'s are a huge amount of fun and Daryl runs this company properly.
To top it off, EV HIRE dropped the car off at my house and also collected it on the day of pickup included in the price. Can't fault them!

Anthony Herbert

First class experience and a wonderful car (Hired a Model X P100DL+). Pre-hire every question I had was answered quickly and the EV Hire team really couldn't do more to make sure I got the most out of the experience. Car was immaculate and just the most incredible drive - thank you so much for a weekend that will stay with me for a long time - your passion for Tesla's is infectious!

Jon Barrett

I have to say my eyes have been well and truly opened. The Model S P100DL+ we hired was top of the line and I have NEVER been in a car that accelerated so fast. Sublime. Brilliant customer service. Heartily recommend EVHire.

Richard Dawes

Had a Tesla Model X P100D for a day out in Oxfordshire. What a great car, wonderful service and amazing experience overall.
Thanks to the entire EV Hire team!

Roman Kartyushov

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