Hiring a Tesla? EV Hire prepare to welcome the Model 3

18th Jul 2017

At evhire.co we are ready to receive the next chapter in our Tesla hire success story. Many of you will be wondering exactly what the Model 3 represents, in terms of how it compares to combustion engine vehicles. We have been watching the gestation of the Model 3 and we are very excited at what this EV has to offer. We specialise in only the top end of Tesla hire EVs and we are certain that the Model 3 will integrate into our Tesla hire fleet perfectly. 

When you hire a Tesla Model 3 it will feature the newest battery technology from Tesla. In fact, it is exactly the same technology as you find in the Model S and X P100Ds that have to hire. The Model 3 looks amazing; practically the entire roof of the car is made of high tensile glass, allowing sunlight to flood into the car. Clean lines are in abundance and the Model 3 in all aspects takes what other manufacturers would consider ‘concepts’ and makes these concepts real and tangible. There is no better time than now to hire a Tesla.

When you hire a Tesla from EV Hire, you can be assured that there is a reason why we currently only hire Tesla models. The Tesla hire vehicles we have in our fleet are the flagship models. The Model 3 is so popular that you will very likely struggle to secure a test drive from a dealership without being added to a lengthy waiting list. EV Hire will be on hand to hire a Tesla Model 3 to you, allowing you to experience the jaw dropping design and ergonomics that all Tesla vehicles offer. 

On the horizon, we have a collection of compelling offerings from a wide range of vehicle manufacturers. It is very likely the Jaguar I-PACE will be available in the third or fourth quarter of 2018. Seemingly taking inspiration from the Tesla Model 3 in terms of design, this EV is no slouch. Reports indicate that acceleration of 0-60mph in 4 seconds is a reality and the I-PACE certainly looks as you would think a Jaguar should. Couple this acceleration with 700Nm of instant torque and the I-PACE promises supreme handling. EV Hire will evaluate the I-PACE and if it meets our exacting standards, the I-PACE could well feature in our hire fleet.

The FF91 from Faraday Future seemingly being placed as a direct challenger to the Tesla Model S. FF have gone on record as stating that the FF91 will outpace any Tesla car ( there are no concrete specs to support this at this time) and the car certainly looks the part. FF maintain that the car will have a range of over 400 miles on one charge. Critically, that advertised range could prove significant as range is a key selling point with any EV. Retailing for an estimated £140,000 this EV has lot to live up to and EV Hire will be watching the FF91 closely.

Lucid are finishing their development of the Air EVs line. Whilst Lucid will ship the EVs at some point in 2019, it is clear that they are not playing safe. The Launch Edition EV is looking formidable on paper. Sporting 1000bhp and a range of 315 miles, Lucid are positioning the Launch Edition to push the limits of EV technology. Once again, as shipping time nears EV Hire will cast our eyes over the vehicle and assess how it might integrate into our hire fleet. With only 255 units of the Launch edition available, this EV would be quite a catch.

Rimac have placed their Concept S EV as a game changer on all fronts. Whilst only listed specs are available to us, Rimac could bring a new definition to what a performance EV is capable of achieving. The Concept One initially garnered most of the attention until recently but the Concept S could put the former into the shade. Rimac maintain that the Concept S can achieve over 1300bhp through four magnetic drives; essentially, one drive on each side of each axle. With AWD as standard, acceleration quoted as being 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of a mind numbing 227mph, this car deserves attention. When Rimac deliver these cars make no mistake; this car will probably be the most expensive EV in the world. The price per limited edition Concept S currently stands at over $1 million (approximately £750,000). Nevertheless, at EV Hire we only stock the best and we will be in line to test the car.

Whilst we all wait for the other manufacturers to catch up with Tesla, it remains a fact that Tesla  currently dominate the EV market with good reason. The Model S, X and the incoming Model 3 remain the best in show in their respective niches. Join the revolution and hire a Tesla here.

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