Full EV's vs Hybrid why evhire doesn't just "make do"

11th Sep 2017

When hybrid vehicles first came onto the scene, they were oft quoted as the solution to all our woes. Sold to the motoring public as a one stop, guilt free, environmentally friendly vehicle class that they could drive in, confident that the driver was “doing their bit” the truth is far more complex.

Many car manufacturers have realised that they needed a stop gap, as they simply do not have the technological means to mass produce a zero emissions vehicle of quality. The majority of hybrid vehicles are still wedded to the petrol pump and thus the fluctuating price of oil. Ultimately, fossil fuels are on their way out and this is not news to anyone. Part of the reason the 2040 UK ban on combustion vehicles is in place is that governments are not kidding themselves – there will be little oil left to power traditional vehicles. Hybrids are no match for a P100D Tesla, with regards to ride quality, powertrain technology and a multitude of other areas. Below, we will examine the cold hard facts to show how Tesla have positioned their vehicles as the answer to a multitude of vehicle issues.

Tesla Model S P100D vs BMW i8

BMW were looking to push the boat out with their i8, but this model does not come close to besting a Tesla in any department. A Model S P100DL+ will accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.28 seconds. In stark contrast, the BMW i8 (which is billed as a sports model) takes twice the time to reach this speed at a paltry 4.4 seconds. Couple this with the fact that the Model S carries zero emissions, whilst the i8 spews out 49g/km of CO2. There seems to be very little point in driving a middling car with some emissions, when you can drive a cutting edge Tesla with none. The electric only range of the i8 leaves a lot to be desired, at only 23 miles on a full charge. The Tesla Model S surpasses this with ease with an all-electric range of 300+ miles. Once seen as a challenger to the Model S, the BMW i8 falls short.

Tesla Model S P100D vs Mercedes S500 Plug In Hybrid.

We have upped the ante here to compare a Model S with a manufacturer traditionally represented as a bastion in the motoring world. As we consider emissions in isolation, the Mercedes S500 with emissions of 65g/km of CO2. Digging a little, the S500 only carries a four-cylinder engine (this explains the lower emissions). Consequently, the S500 only manages 0-60mph in a rather pedestrian 5.7 seconds, outmatched once gain by the Model S P100D. Mercedes use the slogan “Efficiency at its best”. We maintain that the Tesla EVs demonstrate absolute efficiency. In this case, the S500 does not come close to comparing favourably.

Tesla Model X P100D VS BMW X5 Plug In

BMW SUV’s once ruled the roost in terms of the midpoint between luxury and affordability. It is safe to say, though, that they have definitely cut corners with respect to the BMW X5 PI. The acceleration of the BMW X5 PI comes in at 6.2 seconds from 0-60mph. The Tesla Model X? 2.9 seconds. The reason behind the lag in acceleration from the BMW is partly down to its four-cylinder engine (despite it being in receipt of a turbo charger) but mostly down to its weight. This BMW hybrid is so heavy that many reviewers have openly admitted that they found it hard to put this vehicle through a corner. There are no such issues with a Tesla Model X, particularly as the Model X possesses the very best in suspension technology, as well as not having to concern itself with the weight of a combustion engine. The BMW X5 PI has an electric only range of, as we clear our throat, 20 miles. The Model X, with bespoke electric powertrain technology, has a range of 300+ miles. Emissions wise, this BMW spews out 77g/km of CO2. We rest our case.

Why does this matter?

Getting down to brass tacks, this matters because the driving public are being let down. We are being let down by combustion vehicle manufacturers that are pervading stopgap technology, in the face of the innovation Tesla as a brand demonstrates. Our Tesla fleet outclasses the above vehicles in all respects, and people will argue against Tesla’s as they hang on to the belief that combustion vehicles are still at the top of the pyramid. The movement towards electric vehicles has become a reality. Get ahead of the game, find out for yourselves – Hire a Tesla P100D here and get a glimpse of the next level.

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