The Convenient and Cost-Effective Tesla Supercharging Process in the UK

13th Dec 2022

The Tesla Supercharging process in the UK is a revolutionary way to recharge your Tesla rental on the go. With a network of over 100+ Supercharger stations across the UK, EVHIRE customers can easily and quickly recharge their vehicles, allowing them to continue their journey without the need to stop at a traditional petrol station.

The Supercharger stations are located in convenient locations such as motorway service stations, shopping centres and hotels, making them easily accessible to Tesla drivers. Each station often features multiple Superchargers, allowing several EVs to recharge at the same time.

To use a Supercharger, Tesla drivers simply need to park their vehicle at the station and plug in the charging cable. The process is quick and easy, with most vehicles able to recharge in around 45 minutes.

The Supercharger network uses direct current (DC) fast charging technology, which is much faster than the alternating current (AC) charging used by most EV charging stations. This means that Tesla drivers can recharge their vehicles much faster than with other EV charging options.

The Supercharger network is a convenient option for Tesla renters, especially for those who are planning a long road trip. With the ability to recharge quickly and easily, Tesla renters can confidently plan their journeys without worrying about running out of charge.

In addition to the convenience of the Supercharger network, Tesla renters also benefit from reduced charging costs. Tesla offers its Supercharging service for free to all Tesla renters, meaning that they can recharge their vehicles at no additional cost. This is a major advantage over other EV charging options, which often come with additional fees. We are pleased to say that all EVHIRE Tesla rentals include free supercharging

For those who are considering hiring a Tesla in the UK, the availability of the Supercharger network is an important factor to consider. With over 100+ Supercharger stations across the country, Tesla hire customers can enjoy the convenience and cost-saving benefits of the Supercharging network during their rental period.

The Supercharging network is just one of the many features that make Tesla EVs stand out from the competition. With its fast and convenient charging options, Tesla owners in the UK can enjoy the benefits of electric vehicle ownership without the stress of running out of charge. Whether you are a Tesla owner or are considering hiring a Tesla for your next road trip, the Supercharging network is a valuable resource for EV drivers in the UK.




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Andy has been very helpful in giving me a quotation, giving me splendid customer service despite me being unsure on whether I will be using their services! Amazing and quick customer treatment, hard to find in other car rentals.

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Excellent service. Very professional and reliable service. Rented G63 for my 50th birthday and it helped make it a very special birthday. Andy was very helpful.

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Right where do I start! 5* is underestimate! Literally EV Hire puts every single car hiring companies to Shame! I rented a vehicle from EV Hire during bank holiday weekend. I was very last minute to the point where I put in the request at 9.45pm on a Friday night for next day 12pm delivery. Daryl accepted the booking, and I got the confirmation within half and hour to say the booking is…

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These guys are in a league of their own! I just had a first rental experience with EV Hire and it was as smooth as one can imagine. Daryl and his team would deliver and collect the car from you for fee, they are quick to respond, punctual to arrive and have a great fleet of electric cars and high end 4x4s available. Last but no least, approval process for non-UK driving licenses is very smooth and…

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Absolutely wonderful service and the vehicles are outrageous. Daryl is a wonderful host and looks after you very well. 100% recommendation. Will definitely come back. P.S - the black raven is mind-blowing!

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